Quick Haunted House Craft for Halloween

Quick Haunted House Craft for Halloween from The More With Less Mom

This is a quick an easy craft you can do with the craft materials you have at home. We did this while I was cooking lunch. It is easy to scale this to the ability of your child at whatever age. Mine happen to be in first grade and preschool. Ours are now fridge art.
This is not an original idea, we used to do this in elementary school.

Slightly more thorough step-by-step instructions:

  1. Kidlet selects two contrasting colors of paper, they just need to be the same size. You could use scrapbook paper for a really pretty house. Six year old tore out her own, as evidenced by the fringed edges. She didn’t care.
  2. Liebling draws haunted house with windows and door. Sketch the outline for your littlest littles first. Make sure the cutouts will be big enough to actually cut out. Six year old actually spent a really long time on her drawing. Minecraft theme optional. Three year old went for a more abstract look.
  3. Mom cuts out shutters and door. I flipped over the construction paper pad to use to protect my table, then used open scissors to score the front, then flipped it over and scored the back again to cut through. Six year old could have “helped” by going over the lines repeatedly with a pencil to score the front. Do not recommend letting little ones score paper with open scissors. Craft at your own risk.
  4. Mom places cutout picture over contrasting color paper. Somebody traces openings with pencil or chalk so kiddo can find where to draw.
  5. Rugrat draws in shapes you outlined, inside critters like cats, ghosts, pumpkins, cobwebs, curtains, skulls, mice…
  6. Munchkin makes a loop with tape, we like painters tape to get some dimension. Even the three year old did this with some patience from mom. Application of chocolate to mom is encouraged at this point.
  7. Child places one piece of paper on top of the other in a sandwich, success relying heavily on age of nipper.
  8. Tyke applies glitter, stickers, tiny sticks, cheap cobweb stuff, more glitter…

Three year old's abstract haunted house with creative placement of tape
Three year old’s abstract haunted house with creative placement of tape

Six year old's Minecraft themed haunted house
Six year old’s Minecraft themed haunted house

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