Dire Straits Moving: What Do I Do With All This Junk I Don’t Want?


Dire Straits Moving: What Do I Do With All This Junk I Don’t Want?

Rehome it, donate it, toss it. Burn it on a funeral pyre (but get a permit, safety first!).
You can stuff clothes in donation boxes in your area (although I found that my nearest clothing box disappeared, this may be harder in a pandemic). If you have time you can donate different things to various places. Goodwill or Salvation Army may come pick up large items like furniture. Smaller local charities and thrift stores may pick up other items.

If you have a lot of time yard sale it, or you can post individual items on eBay or Facebook yard sale or Buy Nothing groups. Post on Freecylce, Craigslist or your local Facebook groups that you have stuff (which site works best depends on where you are). List your terms, like if resellers are ok, a brief description of the contents, if you smoke, if they have to reply within 24 hours (not that I’ve had people leave me hanging or anything). I had a man come and take bags and bags of stuff that I assume he sorted and resold what he could, but I was just grateful to get that stuff out of the way so I have room in storage for the stuff that matters to me.

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