Dire Straits Moving: I Moved and Now I Don’t Have Anywhere to Sit


Dire Straits Moving: I Moved and Now I Don’t Have Anywhere to Sit

So you had a rough or long-distance move that made it impractical to bring furniture and all that glamorous stuff. What to do? Your home may look like you’re in college for a while, but you can scrounge practical items to get by with, and then keep an eye out for better stuff as you have access to more resources.

You have a folding chair, a little storage ottoman, and a yoga ball. Ta da! Three seats.

Big thrift stores will have furniture and housewares.

Some towns have a swap shop with housewares and clothes for free.

Don’t hesitate to grab something off the side of the road, just check it for damage, cat pee, or bugs.

*Bonus tip: OdoBan can be found at hardware stores, it gets the stink out of almost anything.

Put the word out to friends and neighbors.

Check Freecycle, Craigslist, and local Facebook groups for stuff free or cheap. Post an ask on your local Buy Nothing group.

Keep a critical eye on items for multiple uses. Try to stretch what you have to fill various needs.

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