Dire Straits Moving: Needful Things for Packing


Dire Straits Moving: Needful Things for Packing

You don’t have to spend a ton on moving supplies. You do have to spend some money, though.
I put what I needed in a cart in Jan 2021 and it came to about $100. I have a ton of tubs and tape already, though.

  • bankers boxes (pack of 10 so everyone gets a Last Box, somewhere to put stuff they need to have access to throughout, or printer paper boxes, I found cheaper ones at Walmart)
  • four gallon trash bags (I’ve been using reusable bags so my stockpile of little plastic grocery bags is gone)
  • large clear bags (for trash and for stuff to donate, so Mr Autism Spectrum Teen doesn’t confuse things and give away my stuff, 60 count x 2)
  • large white drawstring kitchen bags (for packing linens and soft things, 90 count x 2)
  • masking/painters tape (for labeling tubs and securing items)
  • packing tape (four rolls, a gun increases your packing speed, don’t cheap out on the tape)
  • permanent markers
  • zip bags in various sizes (for keeping like things together, and packing liquid things like shampoo bottles)
  • padlock (for storage, do not get the cheapest one, the width of the metal loop on top is what matters, that is what a thief will try to use bolt cutters on)
  • packing paper (you can save newspapers, but you will never save enough)
  • plastic tubs (for larger things that won’t fit in most boxes)

Last box with a cat in it

Next: Where Do I Get Boxes?

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