Guest Post Submission Guidelines

My posts are warm and welcoming, and instructive. I am thorough and tell you everything you need to know. If you can channel your inner Lorelai Gilmore that would be perfect.

The More With Less Mom helps fed-up moms who feel like they are struggling and overwhelmed, to become fabulously productive and content through advice, tips, and encouragement.

You should learn more about my brand before you proceed –
check out my Work With Me page.

How to Get In:

  1. The only hard-and-fast rules are your content must be original, and appeal to my readers.
  2. Don’t cold email me. If you spam me I will delete mercilessly and wish upon you all the karmic wonder you deserve.
  3. Read my guidelines. If you read all of the guidelines (not that there’s a lot or anything, I’m detail-oriented) and your post doesn’t fit some criteria you can still submit it, and I’ll let you know.

Please send an email to more with less mom at gmail .com with the subject line “MWLM Guest Post”
Tell me who you are
Tell me your blog url
Tell me the title of your proposed post
Outline your topic, possibly with bullet points
Tell me how my readers would benefit from your post (if you’re selling something they most likely won’t, unless it’s the post idea you’re selling me)
Send me links to a few of your posts like the one you are submitting

*Please only send a pitch if you have your own blog, no freelancers or staff writers (mompreneurs welcome)

Once You Submit:

Submission of your guest post totally does not guarantee publication. If you send chocolate that will help.

Sometimes I get an awesome submission that just doesn’t fit, or I have already covered. Keep your chin up!

If I think you are a spammer I won’t reply.
If my children are climbing on me or I see something shiny I may not reply for a while.
If you have not heard from me within 2 weeks you can officially assume I can’t use it and you should submit to others to your little heart’s content.

If You Are Accepted:

I will email you and let you know.

Please email me a formatted html document using headings, bold text, bulleted lists, etc.
Attach any images. If you do not have any images I will find some, but keep in mind they will probably be weird. Also include credits for those images.
Include your bio

I will do my best to give you the date it will be published, but sometimes wiggle this a bit.
If your post is accepted it is likely it will not fit into my editorial calendar for several months, so if you’re aiming for a particular monthly theme submit early.

*Please note I may make small changes (grammar, punctuation, formatting, etc). Be warned I will totally muck with it, I do it to myself all the time so it’s only fair.

Your Post Should:

This must be original content that has not been published before
Be awesomesauce

Be carefully proofread, I may reject your post based solely on your disregard for the English language (do not make me comma your comas)

Have a title/headline that gets people to click and read the first sentence
Have a first sentence that gets people to read the second sentence
Have an introduction that attracts interest

Use lists when appropriate

Include links that add value to my readers, minimum 4 linksish
Any affiliate links will cause your submission to be immediately imploded

Have a conclusion
Have a call to action

Be 800-1800 words long with no fluff (willing to discuss longer articles/series)

Have links to at least one post on The More With Less Mom

Not violate any copyright laws and include any credit where credit is due

Include a Bio:

A short bio with one link will be included on the post as a byline
Also an author page will be added to my site with more links, like this

Your bio should include your name, description with 1 link of your choice, and be in third person/she/he
250 characters or less
Links you can include for the author page: Email, site, aim, yahoo im, jabber/google talk, google plus profile, twitter username, facebook, flickr profile, linkedin profile, pinterest profile, skype name, youtube channel

When You Are Published:

You must monitor and respond to comments for a minimum of 72 hours

Social media shares are encouraged, as well as responses to my shares

You are welcome (read yes please do) to share on your blog that your article has been published, but do not post the full content.

I retain the copyright of all material published on The More With Less Mom. You cannot republish a guest post elsewhere, although you can share it like crazy. I will not republish your post anywhere, either. Promise.
According to my policies, people may use one image and an excerpt when sharing my posts without asking for permission.

To recap, email the following:

Your full name/blog name
Your blog/site URL
Your post title
The idea for your post

Monthly Themes
(any month is a good month for a post for the frugal family):

January new starts/happiness
February kids/behavior
March cleaning/organizing/spring
April kitchen/home
May entertaining/decor
June wellness/health/summer
July summer/kid fun/road trip
August seasonal/outdoor
September kids school/time savers/fall
October comfort food/clothes/laundry
November giving/stress management
December holidays/gifts/winter

Site Topics/Buckets of Goodness:

DIY: Crafts, Decorating, DIY/Tips/Hacks, Geekery, Repairs, Tutorials
Do Good: Acts of Kindness, Charity, Compassion, Love
Family: Holidays, Kids books, Momness, Parenting, Parenting Humor, Parties, Stories
Food: DIY/Tips/Hacks, Frugal, Kitchen, Meal plans, Real food, Recipes, Stretching
Frugal: Cleaning, DIY, Homemaking, Living Simply, Saving money
Crunchy: Craftcycling, Decluttering, Homesteading, Reusing/Repurposing, Simple Living

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