More With Less 7 Day Meal Plan #1 – May/Spring 2015 – with printable shopping list

Feed your family of four a week of dinners with a shopping cart maximum of $95. Eat more – spend less! This is not your average meal plan. Learn how to cook like your great-grandma did, with little waste and … Continue reading

May Real Food Meal Plan – flexible, frugal monthly meal plan with printable calendar

The beauteous bulb blooms are just coming up here, and we’re enjoying hikes in the woods and some playground time in between gloomy days. Silly New England weather can switch seasons multiple times in one day. We are enjoying the … Continue reading

Mother’s Day from a Slightly Different Perspective – We Don’t All Have Moms (with printable card for your “other” mother)

We don’t all have moms. But we do all have mother figures, man or woman. Call that person today – that person who nurtured you, who supported you, who loved you even when you were not at your best (hello … Continue reading

Free kitchen printable – Teaspoon and Tablespoon Equivalents

Please enjoy this cute little printable for your fridge. It has teaspoon and tablespoon equivalents. When you cook from scratch for a large family you are constantly multiplying measurements, and this can come in handy if you are allergic to … Continue reading

Free printable – Experience is Simply the Name we Give our Mistakes

Come celebrate 1,500 Facebook Likes AND 3,150 Pinterest Followers with me! I appreciate all of the comments from everyone so much! I love sharing. I have created a darling 8×10 print with the quote “Experience is simply the name we … Continue reading

April Real Food Meal Plan

Am I the only one being driven insane by the kidlets trapped in the house? It’s freezing out, my car is coated in ice, and all I want are April showers. Somebody down south, please send this New England girl … Continue reading

March Real Food Meal Plan

There are so many exciting foods coming into season this month (do you see those avocados yet??). I think I was craving cauliflower. And sausage. Despite being totally ready for my eyeballs to stop trying to freeze solid when I … Continue reading

February Real Food Meal Plan

February includes Valentine’s Day, so make sure you way over-indulge on the chocolate! Ideas and resources for menu planning in February, many seasonal winter and real food recipes. Very simple ingredients, from scratch. As always, these are all frugal recipes … Continue reading