Baby Songs Cheat Sheet Printables – Lyrics for Play Songs & Lullabies

When kid #3 was born it had been ten years. I admit my Sesame Street days were long past and my nursery rhymes were rusty.
I have created a cheat sheet for parents, a collection of songs to sing to babies.

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Teen Zombie Walk Makeup with Frugal Recipes

Recently my tweens participated in a zombie walk for the Buffalo Library (event on Facebook). I did a basic makeup job myself. I am by no means a makeup artist, but I did spend some time perusing the web and … Continue reading

Get More Nutritional Bang For Your One Buck – 46 foods that cost as much as Ramen but are better for you

I can buy a box of spaghetti for $1, and Ramen noodles are less than a penny cheaper per pound. What can I get for the same amount (or less) that is better for us?
Many people struggle on a very tight food budget. The food stamps budget is difficult, you must be thrifty and economical. It has been proven that highly processed foods cost less than nutritionally dense, fresh foods. It is very tempting to grab that $1 package of noodles and chow down on those calories. However, when you buy foods like this you’re not getting as much nutritional value.

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Care Package for the Hard Times Kitchen – Links & Resources

Recipes with Cost Per Serving Info and Other Links Recipes with Price Per Serving Info Please keep in mind that cost per serving changes with your area, the time of year, and as time passes from when the recipe was … Continue reading

Care Package for the Hard Times Kitchen – Calculating Price Per Serving

Here is a table listing some common ingredients and their prices per several different measurements. Your cost per serving will vary widely depending on many factors, but here are some numbers to start with. Ingredient prices per measurement Price Item … Continue reading

Care Package for the Hard Times Kitchen – Care Package

Items for your Care Package for the Hard Times Kitchen Most of these items are cheaper per unit in larger/bulk amounts, so those save you money in the long run. But if you have a limited amount of dollars to … Continue reading