An Exercise in Sympathy for the Homeless: Explode Your Budget

Do you know what it’s like to live paycheck to paycheck? Or worse, none check to homeless? It is happening to good people, smart people, hard workers, nice families… To have sympathy for someone in that situation it simply takes … Continue reading

Care Package for the Hard Times Kitchen – The Challenge

Using the Meals for Hard Times article to create a care package that will help someone get through a time of struggle – A Pay It Forward proposal I recently came across the article “Meals for Hard Times” ( while … Continue reading

2020 Vision Quest

One of our friends is Randy Pierce, a man who is exceptional in many ways. His current past-time is hiking the White Mountains of New Hampshire. His goal is to climb all 48. Did I mention he’s blind and does this with the assistance of a remarkable guide dog? Oh yes, the coolness is humbling, and if you got to meet him you would be even more impressed. New England Patriots Fan of the Year in 2001, a black belt, an accomplished hiker, and totally blind. And to top it off he has established a charity to use his hiking experience to raise money and awareness for the visually impaired, as well as inspiring others to achieve the best. Donations go to help New Hampshire Association for the Blind and Guiding Eyes for the Blind.

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