Frugal Road Trip with Kids – Fun Stuff

Frugal Road Trip with Kids Series: Frugal Road Trip with Kids – Be Positive – Plan Your Route – Safety First – What to Bring – Food and Snacks – Fun Stuff – Fun in the Dark – Fun in … Continue reading

DIY Natural Orange Homemade Toddler Toothpaste Recipe

Here is a green alternative toothpaste recipe you can make at home. Please enjoy our 3 ingredient homemade toddler toothpaste recipe. My toddler hates minty toothpaste, so we skip the usual peppermint extract, but this is great for adults too. … Continue reading

Baby Songs Cheat Sheet Printables – Lyrics for Play Songs & Lullabies

When kid #3 was born it had been ten years. I admit my Sesame Street days were long past and my nursery rhymes were rusty.
I have created a cheat sheet for parents, a collection of songs to sing to babies.

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