Program your phone with the Poison Control Center

Program your phone for Poison Control from The More With Less MomI recently saw a commercial that was for the Poison Control Center. And I confess, that number was not in my cell phone. On the fridge, yes. In Outlook, yes. But not on my phone.
In my house we don’t have a whole lot of chemicals, and the ones we have are up high or locked up, or both. So where are we most likely to have a problem? Someone else’s house or otherwise out. In which case the number on my phone will be very important.

“According to the Centers For Disease Control, there are approximately 2 million poison exposures in the United States every year – 57 percent among children under the age of six. Tragically, approximately 30 children die every year due to accidental poisonings.
The most common exposures for children are ingestion of household products, such as cleaning substances, medications, cosmetics, personal care products, foreign bodies and plants. The majority of these accidental poisonings – a whopping 90 percent – occur in the home.”
Source: Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia

Program your cell phone! The poison control center is 1-800-222-1222 (

Here is the psa:

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