8 Frugal Valentine’s Day Activities for Kids

Come check out our Valentine’s Day Pinterest Board. It is full of fun things to do with the kids, crafty valentines, and tasty treats.
We love all holidays, including Valentine’s Day. Any excuse to craft and bake. After wasting tons of time on Pinterest.

8 Frugal Valentines Day Activities for Kids

Valentine's Day Acts of Kindness Countdown Painted Doily Hearts Valentine Pizza Love Potion Love Bugs Toddler Art Valentines Foil Valentines Heart Shaped Cake

8 Frugal Valentine’s Day Activities for Kids from our Pinterest board:

1. Valentine’s Day Acts of Kindness Countdown

One Perfect Day offers a Valentine’s Day Countdown. We are big fans of random acts of kindness. I love this idea to count down the days to VDay with acts of kindness. Many of the suggested acts are easy, and this project is easily adaptable to your child’s age.

2. Painted Doily Hearts

Putti’s World has a cheap idea for colorful valentines. You can get both doilies and bingo markers at the dollar store. This is a fun way to paint a little differently, and is good for small children who have a hard time with a brush.

3. Valentine Pizza

One Charming Party has a great tip for cute pizzas for your loved ones. You could also cut other things like peppers or an orange cheese into hearts and layer the love. This is a great way to get kids in the kitchen for busy moms, kids love to pick their own toppings for pizza and it’s easy to grab the components on the way home.

4. Love Potion

Bath Activities for Kids offers 5 fun experiments for kids, including Love Potions. Their Love Lab uses items you already have in your home. Vinegar, baking soda, and corn starch are the main ingredients for your potion. This site is full of fun bath ideas and other “wet” play.

5. Love Bugs

What to Expect brings us these little critters. The beauty of these little guys is you should already have the supplies on hand. I picture herds of fuzzy creatures cavorting in a happy block village. Or you can print out Paris at Made by Joel.

6. Toddler Art Valentines

Tiddy Bits suggests using that stockpile of kid art for valentines. Cut hearts out from the pretty bits and have the children help paste them and otherwise decorate. I believe this counts as an upcycle, or maybe repurpose. It’s a craftcycle, anyways.

7. Foil Toddler Valentine Craft

Ponderings from the Kitchen this site illustrates how to make a super cheap valentine with cardboard and tin foil. Add tissue paper and whatever sparkly doodads you have on hand. You could also marker, paint, bingo dots, stickers, tissue paper scraps, or otherwise decorate according to what your child likes. We tried this one already and I was surprised at how much fun she had with such a simple craft. And it’s shiny. 🙂

8. Heart Shaped Cake

About.com shares a step by step tutorial for making a heart shaped cake. You just need one square and one round cake. You can have fun with the kids mixing up the cake, and more fun later making a mess with frosting. Even little toddlers can help stir, and add sprinkles.

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We hope you enjoyed our 8 Frugal Valentine’s Day Activities for Kids

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