Thrifty Thanksgiving for Tough Times – Store Bought $50 Shopping Cart

Use this frugal shopping list to spend $50 and purchase store bought items for your Thanksgiving meal, making smart decisions in tough times.
This series of articles is designed to help families put a frugal Thanksgiving meal on the table.
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Thrifty Thanksgiving for Tough Times - Store Bought $50 Shopping Cart from The More With Less Mom

Store Bought $50 Shopping List

Brown and serve rolls 13 oz 12 ct $1.50
Brussels sprouts frozen in butter sauce 10 oz $1.69
Butter 1 lb $2.29
Chocolate pie 8″ 32 oz $7.99
Cranberry sauce 14 oz $1.00
Egg nog 32 oz $2.50
Green beans with fried onions frozen 9 oz $1.49
Instant mashed potato flakes 13.3 oz 20 servings $1.29
Milk 1 gallon $2.69
Pumpkin pie 8” 22 oz $4.99
Stuffing mix 12 oz $1.99
Turkey gravy 10.5 oz $0.79 x 2 = $1.58
Turkey$0.99/lb 15 lb 13 servings= $15 (as low as $0.49/lb)
Did not make the cut:
Apple Pie 9” 38 oz $8.99
Cheesecake 7″ 28 oz $9.99
Single Layer Carrot Cake 14 oz $4.99
Spinach artichoke dip 15 oz $2.69

If you are descending on someone bearing gifts this is a great list. The problem with this store bought list is that it isn’t a lot of food. It’s one box of stuffing, one can of cranberry sauce, etc. It is a taste of a lot of things, and a bunch of turkey. Also there were no prices on some items premade so I picked the most similar product, like the green bean casserole is just a frozen bag of green beans with fried onion in it.

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