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The great thing about living in a house versus an apartment is having outdoor living space. There are many types of outdoor living spaces you can have, each of which can be used for a variety of events and activities. Whether you have a pristine garden, a patio, a fire pit, or an outdoor lounge area, any outdoor space has tons of potential to be an area for fun and making memories with loved ones and friends. With warm weather and greenery around the corner, here are some great events and activities you can have in your outdoor living space in the coming months.

Garden Parties

Especially during the spring and early summer when flowers are in full bloom, garden parties are a great outdoor event and a way to highlight your pristine gardens, giving them the attention that they deserve.

Garden party ideas

You can have a garden party using several different types of outdoor living space as long as the space features lots of colorful, well-manicured flowers and seating for your guests. Although a garden party can happen anywhere, yards or large patios with tables and chairs are ideal areas for garden parties and similar types of gatherings. Such settings make serving food and refreshments easier and more accessible to your guests.

Barbecues and Cookouts

Perhaps because the kitchen tends to be the heart of the home, barbecues and cookout-type outdoor activities tend to be popular seasonal events for those who have outdoor living space. From burgers to beer, these types of events feature casual, comfortable foods and drinks and are typically designed to be a fun gathering for friends and family, usually for no particular occasion or some holidays like Memorial Day, the Fourth of July, and Labor Day.

Cookout with friends

The grill is perhaps the most essential piece to the barbecue and cookout puzzle. As such, this event is popular for backyard decks, perhaps around or near a pool, and oftentimes also utilizes actual yard space. If one is available, cookouts that outlive the sunlight often transition into a bonfire-type setting with the attendees congregating around the fire and maybe roast marshmallows.

Wine Tasting Parties

The experts have indicated that people — particularly “millennials,” or those who become adults in the 2000s — are drinking lots and lots of wine nowadays, at much higher rates than ever before. Due to wine’s ever-increasing popularity, wine-centric parties have become very popular. Accordingly, pairing outdoor living space with a wine tasting party is the social equivalent to hitting a home run.

Wine asting

Like other events, you can host a wine tasting party in many types of outdoor living space. However, the best outdoor spaces for a wine tasting party would be something like a patio, veranda, gazebo, or a deck. This type of gathering lends itself to intimacy, having the attendees in close quarters so that the wines can be sampled and discussed by everyone at the same time. There should also be plenty of seating at a wine tasting party, particularly if there’s to be hors d’oeuvres and food, so that guests can sit down, relax, and enjoy their wine as they socialize. If you don’t particularly know a lot about wine, you can usually hire a sommelier locally to conduct your private tasting.

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