Customizable Old Timey Bedtime Routine

Here is another pretty and practical printable, to help you organize your day during the school year. Having a consistent bedtime routine is very important, it helps children to feel they know what is coming next. These steps become part of their self-soothing as they prepare for bed, and help them to fall asleep faster.

Customizable Old Timey Bedtime Routine Printable Freebie from The More With Less Mom

Each family and each child is different, so I have included a customizable Word doc you can edit to match your lifestyle. For example, some kids find a bath relaxing, while others are totally energized. The energetic kidlets need to be bathed earlier, so they can wind down a little. Also I find we are using ereaders like our Nook for stories, but I encourage those stories in the afternoon so we’re not looking at a stimulating screen right before sleep, and we rely on old school books at bedtime.

You could add steps like Bedtime Snack, Check Homework, Clean Up, Tub Toys Away, Put Pajamas On, or Pull Out Tomorrow’s Clothes. You can adjust this bedtime schedule printable to suit your needs.

Here I am sharing another version of our bedtime routine, it is a perty printable with a vintage illustration of a child ready for bed. 8 tasks are included in rainbow colors and an oldfangled font. This is the version we hang in the bathroom as a visual reminder for the whole family. It makes it easier when the big kids help with the little kids, to keep the bedtime routine dependable.

The vintage graphic is a child sitting up in bed. It looks much like an Arthur Rackham illustration.

There is a very light watermark on the bottom.

Download Bedtime Schedule Printable Freebie from The More With Less Mom

Download PDF
Download Word doc

If you download the Word document you will also need the retro font Connie, one of the best fonts ever. If your task doesn’t fit you can reduce the font size. If you are editing don’t delete a whole line until you enter your text, so you don’t lose your rainbow. Or you have to re-download. Tsk.

Our bedtime routine:


Put away toys
Potty time
Brush hair
Brush teeth
Clothes away
Tucked in

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Parenting (Positive or otherwise)

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Love this look and want another freebie? I’ve got you covered!

Free Printable Vintagesque Bedtime Routine
Free Printable Vintagesque Bedtime Routine from The More With Less Mom
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Choose Your Own Adventure Vintagesque Bedtime Routine
Want to tinker with this thing? Go straight to the good stuff on Etsy: have someone else do the work Custom Printable Vintagesque Bedtime Routine, or print these graphics and craft it yourself Craft Your Own Vintagesque Bedtime Routine

Photo credits:
Bedtime illustration from a 1914 children’s book at The Graphics Fairy

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