You can’t chase happiness

You can’t chase happiness, you have to find it where you are.
FIND IT. Where you are.

Sometimes this is easy, and that’s great. Sometimes this is really, really hard.
Sometimes there are huge, horrible things in the way. Or regular, that’s life, ordinary troubles by the heap-load.
Some things you can change and do something about, some things you are stuck with.

Happiness isn’t going to land in your lap. Happiness, like any relationship, takes work.

You can't chase happiness. You have to find it where you are.

But you can start small. You have to cultivate positivity, water that seed and make it grow.

  • First thing, while you’re brushing your teeth, think of 5 things you are grateful for. Like toothpaste. Or running water. Running water is one of the most wondrous things in our lives.
  • Change your haves to gets. I get to shower with lovely warm water. I get to drive my kids all over the planet. I get to pay my rent. I get to go grocery shopping.
  • Embrace your mistakes. Accept your challenges. You can turn anything into an opportunity to learn and grow. Or at least, an excuse to eat some chocolate.
  • Do like Mr Rogers does and find the helpers. Not just in an emergency, but in your daily life. Lots of people are out there doing little things that you won’t even notice if you aren’t looking.
  • If you just can’t find a way to feel better about the abyss that is your life, maybe you need to make someone else feel better first. Get a smile out of someone and add a little to your karma.

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