Dire Straits Moving: Computery Preparedness


Dire Straits Moving: Computery Preparedness

If you have an off-site or online backup service make sure all your files are backed up, before somebody drops your laptop en route. Backup your important files on a flash drive and carry it on you. You want to have both paper and electronic backups of all your important and necessary things, in multiple places. Throw non-sensitive info up on Google Drive. If your binder of doom is in the car and it gets stolen, or you leave your wallet back two states, how bad will it be? If somebody drops your laptop, flushes your phone, or sits on your flash drive, what will you do? Apply Murphys’s Law (anything that can go wrong, will go wrong), and you will be better equipped to handle whatever life throws at you.

You can use Google Drive to store important files, like your resume and your rental hunt tasks. You can access Google Drive from any computer that is online, including at the library, if it’s open. Don’t host any really sensitive info like passwords on Drive, it may not be safe. And always, always, log out of Google on public wifi or computers (and don’t tell it to remember your password in the first place). Also, you can forward your domain email to a Gmail account, so you can have access to that if webmail doesn’t work for you.

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