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My goal is to encourage and inspire you, and remind you to be grateful for what you already have.

How to life: Just do the best you can. Make the best choices you can. That’s all anyone can ask of you, and all you should ask of yourself.


How to life

I am no super mom, I am a regular homemaker just doing the best I can.

My kidlets consist of Kid #1, who is the lone boy and 17. Kid #2 is my geekling girl and 16. Kid #3 is a girl and 5. Kid #4 is the baby girl and 3 years old.


More With Less Mom

This crunchy, frugal family blog explores offbeat diy, natural homemaking, real food, intentional parenting, saving money, simple living, and much more, all with a quirky spirit.

Best of the Bestest
Not sure what this blog is about? Well, I tell you more on this page. Or I can show you on my Best of the Bestest page.

Homelessness stinks.

Advocating for the working poor and affordable housing.
Championing homeless families in NH.
Fighting poverty and its stigma across America.

Interested in working with me? Tell me how I can help!

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How do I contact you?
If carrier pigeon isn’t working, you can contact me at morewithlessmom (at) gmail (dot) com, or use my contact form.

You’re so awesome, I must send you chocolate. How do I do that?
You can send awesome things to my mailing address. Melissa French, PO Box 215, Rindge NH 03461.

You’re so awesome, I must send you money. How do I do that?
While I prefer you send donations to a local food bank or other charity, I won’t turn down a little glitter money. My PayPal is morewithlessmom (at) gmail (dot) com.
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When linking to my site you are welcome to use the title graphic for the post (the one that already has the article title on it), provided you link back to my site somewhere in your article and do not hotlink. All other graphics and photos please contact me first.

Are you looking for sponsors or product reviews?
Yes, in a very selective way. Your product should be helpful to a frugal family, like something they can invest in now to save money in the future. For example paying more for affordable, quality unpaper towels now will add up in savings later.

What is your official site address?
The official site home page is MoreWithLessMom.com

Officialish Bio

One Sentence Bio
Melissa French, The More With Less Mom, is a crunchy, quirky blogger whose goal is to help the frugal family stretch dollars and enjoy life.

100 Word Bio

Melissa French lives in New Hampshire with her family of six. She runs amuck and calls it life. She is a sarcastic, hippie geek. If there is such a thing. Or possibly a figment of her own imagination. She is the crazy neighbor with paint under her nails, glitter everywhere, a cat in every window, and the Xmas tree up all year. Her sarcasm and attachment to chocolate know no bounds. The More With Less Mom, a frugal family blog born in 2010, is designed to help moms stretch dollars, keep their sanity, and enjoy life.

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