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I am a mom living in the beautiful Monadnock region of New Hampshire with a family of six. I am the crazy neighbor with paint under her nails, a cat in every window, and the Xmas tree up all year. I am a thrifty, crunchy, geeky, offbeat blogger.

I came to frugality the hard way. With few female role models growing up I had little example of how to manage money or a household. I wasn’t raised by wolves, but there were some really big gaps in my knowledge. I was a happy housewife of a successful man, and did not manage the finances. My pretty little middle-class head whipped up processed foods and bought furniture on credit.

An abrupt change in circumstances forced me to not only take over the finances for our household, but do it on next to nothing. A foreclosure and a short period of homelessness later I was learning how to scrape and scrimp and feed my family on a budget that is less than food stamps. Living on a low income means that we are vulnerable to homelessness, and making ends meet is a challenge. Oodles of learning later, and painful trial and error, I am managing my house in a style like my grandmother did, only with a lot more internet research. I am now a much more capable person. I have learned that I am a caregiver personality, and I really do want to help you help yourself.
My goal is to encourage and inspire you, and remind you to be grateful for what you already have.

I have learned that you are as content as you want to be and all you have to do is choose it.


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Melissa French is a mom, writer, and volunteer living in Peterborough NH with her family of six. She runs amuck and calls it life. She is a sarcastic, hippie geek. If there is such a thing. Or possibly a figment of her own imagination. She is the crazy neighbor with paint under her nails, glitter everywhere, a cat in every window, and the Xmas tree up all year. Her sarcasm and attachment to chocolate know no bounds.


Are you an 8 year old swinging on a tire swing?
No, I am not an 8 year old swinging on a tire swing (any more). I just love this photo. I love the hair fuzz halo, I love the blue corduroy overalls, I love the tire swing. I’m the one that takes the pictures, there aren’t a lot of pictures of me. Plus, not only do I look like the lady in the American Gothic farmer painting, but I am also afflicted with Grumpy Cat Face.

American Gothic vs Melissa

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