March Real Food Meal Plan

There are so many exciting foods coming into season this month (do you see those avocados yet??). I think I was craving cauliflower. And sausage. Despite being totally ready for my eyeballs to stop trying to freeze solid when I … Continue reading

March 2014 Real Food Monthly Meal Plan

The universe conspired against me for pretty much the entire month of February. I tried desperately to get the meal plan done before the 1st, which is always my goal, but this month it was not to be. The good news is the Pinterest board has over 230 pins, for your meal plan window shopping pleasure.
Ideas and resources for menu planning in March, many seasonal winter (and a couple spring) and real food recipes. Very simple ingredients, from scratch, frugal recipes. Real food/from scratch/traditional diet/nutrient dense/whole food/blah blah blah. My monthly meal plans are organized into tiers based on how perishable the ingredients are, not sorted into particular days.
You can save so much money by planning your meals. Even if you only plan three days at a time, you can be more thrifty by planning ahead.

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March 2013 Meal Plan Pinterest Board

Come check out our March Meal Plan Pinterest Board. Ideas and resources for menu planning in March, many seasonal and whole food recipes. I’m using more spring recipes. Very simple ingredients, frugal recipes. You can save so much money by … Continue reading

Teen Zombie Walk Makeup with Frugal Recipes

Recently my tweens participated in a zombie walk for the Buffalo Library (event on Facebook). I did a basic makeup job myself. I am by no means a makeup artist, but I did spend some time perusing the web and … Continue reading