March 2013 Meal Plan Pinterest Board

Come check out our March Meal Plan Pinterest Board. Ideas and resources for menu planning in March, many seasonal and whole food recipes. I’m using more spring recipes. Very simple ingredients, frugal recipes. You can save so much money by … Continue reading

Rainbow Retro Mid-Century Free Weekly Meal Plan Printable Template

Use this lovely weekly meal plan printable to organize and display your weekly menu. The quickest way to save on groceries is to start planning your meals, and sticking to that list. Creating a meal plan for a week is … Continue reading

Care Package for the Hard Times Kitchen – Shopping List

First priority $19.24: Frozen chubs of ground turkey (from Save a lot .69/lb) $2.80 for 4 lb Realistically 5 lb ground beef value pack for $9.45, or 2 3 lb whole chickens will give you 4 lb of meat you … Continue reading

Hello – Welcome to My New Blog!

I am a mom living in upstate New York with a family of five, and five cats.
This blog is intended to help the frugal family. I am a thrifty housewife and spend a large amount of my time in an effort to spend less money while still enjoying the things we love the most. Here I will share any wisdom I come across.

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