Royal Rainbow Color Behavior Clip Chart Free Printable

This behavior chart is intended to be a positive tool to help your child visualize the progress of their day or goal. This should be a motivational tool to help your child eliminate negative behavior, as well as reinforcing positive … Continue reading

January 2015 Real Food Meal Plan

January includes my birthday, so cake for me! Ideas and resources for menu planning in January, many seasonal winter and real food recipes. Very simple ingredients, from scratch. As always, these are all frugal recipes intended for a tight budget. … Continue reading

2014 Recap from The More With Less Mom

With a new year here, let’s take a look at the wondrous wonders from the past year. Some lovely posts happened in 2014. I might have had a little too much fun digging into stats on the different social media sites. Here is a snapshot of the year on this little blog o’ mine.

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Simplify Your Christmas Gifts: Want, Need, Wear, Read, Eat, Create Printable Gift Tags

If you are a fan of simple living most likely you have heard of the Want, Need, Wear, Read gift giving method. Want, Need, Wear, Read, + Eat, Create Something you WANT Something you NEED Something to WEAR Something to … Continue reading

December 2014 Real Food Meal Plan

December brings a flurry of activity, and some snow flurries, too. There will be crafting, cookies, Christmas music pretty much all day every day… and lots of chocolate. I find it really hard to predict when I will have time … Continue reading

Christmas Gift Tips from a Mama Pro

Here are some tips for Christmas and gift giving. With four kids you have to be organized. Over the years I have developed some methods for making things easier, keeping track of everything, and not spending too much. Gift Herding … Continue reading

7ish of the Bestest Holiday Posts from The More With Less Mom

Come join me on a tour of my best posts for the holiday season. Apparently I get excited about posting for the holidays, because that’s when I post the most. And yes, I am totally a Christmas freak. The first … Continue reading