July Real Food Meal Plan – flexible, frugal monthly meal plan with printable PDF

July brings the dog days of the kitchen, when I want nothing to do with it. About half of my recipes for July are no-cook, and almost all of the rest are quick stovetop dinners, because it’s like a torture … Continue reading

Christmas Gift Tips from a Mama Pro

Here are some tips for Christmas and gift giving. With four kids you have to be organized. Over the years I have developed some methods for making things easier, keeping track of everything, and not spending too much. Gift Herding … Continue reading

Sweet French Toast Flexible Recipe for a Crowd, Plus Two Awesome Tips

French toast is one of our indulgences, it is inexpensive to make and very tasty. We love french toast. We plan to enjoy some for Easter brunch this year. This is a very sweet, almost dessert french toast. I have included two totally awesome tips to make the perfect french toast!

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Valentine’s Day Dyed Eggs

Dyeing eggs is a frugal activity that can be practiced the whole year. You should already have all the items you need. This is a craft that is easy to scale to different age groups. Step 1: Hard Boil Your … Continue reading

Valentine for One – Chocolate Cake In a Mug Mix

This Valentine’s Day mix yourself up some love, whether you have a sweetheart or not. Have yourself a lovely little mug cake in less than five minutes. Even if you have to work, you can make the mix at home … Continue reading

Hot Cocoalate Mix Recipe

Hot cocoa is based on powdered cocoa, hot chocolate is based on shavings or morsels of chocolate. So I dubbed this cocoalate. This recipe is a compromise, with a delectable taste and a combination of pricey and cheap chocolates. It … Continue reading

Halloween Dyed Eggs

I’m sure this isn’t an original idea, but I did think of it all by myself. My four year old absolutely loved dying eggs for Easter. I thought this process would be simple to use for other holidays as well. … Continue reading

Frugal Road Trip with Kids – Safety First

In the weeks following up to the trip we work on practicing emergency info for each child, depending on what is appropriate for their age. Preschoolers can learn their name, address, and phone number. Also what to do if we get lost (approach a police officer, an employee, or a mom with kids).

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