Royal Rainbow Color Behavior Clip Chart Free Printable

This behavior chart is intended to be a positive tool to help your child visualize the progress of their day or goal. This should be a motivational tool to help your child eliminate negative behavior, as well as reinforcing positive … Continue reading

March 2014 Real Food Monthly Meal Plan

The universe conspired against me for pretty much the entire month of February. I tried desperately to get the meal plan done before the 1st, which is always my goal, but this month it was not to be. The good news is the Pinterest board has over 230 pins, for your meal plan window shopping pleasure.
Ideas and resources for menu planning in March, many seasonal winter (and a couple spring) and real food recipes. Very simple ingredients, from scratch, frugal recipes. Real food/from scratch/traditional diet/nutrient dense/whole food/blah blah blah. My monthly meal plans are organized into tiers based on how perishable the ingredients are, not sorted into particular days.
You can save so much money by planning your meals. Even if you only plan three days at a time, you can be more thrifty by planning ahead.

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Frugal Road Trip with Kids – Safety First

In the weeks following up to the trip we work on practicing emergency info for each child, depending on what is appropriate for their age. Preschoolers can learn their name, address, and phone number. Also what to do if we get lost (approach a police officer, an employee, or a mom with kids).

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Care Package for the Hard Times Kitchen – Calculating Price Per Serving

Here is a table listing some common ingredients and their prices per several different measurements. Your cost per serving will vary widely depending on many factors, but here are some numbers to start with. Ingredient prices per measurement Price Item … Continue reading

Care Package for the Hard Times Kitchen – Care Package

Items for your Care Package for the Hard Times Kitchen Most of these items are cheaper per unit in larger/bulk amounts, so those save you money in the long run. But if you have a limited amount of dollars to … Continue reading

Care Package for the Hard Times Kitchen – Shopping List

First priority $19.24: Frozen chubs of ground turkey (from Save a lot .69/lb) $2.80 for 4 lb Realistically 5 lb ground beef value pack for $9.45, or 2 3 lb whole chickens will give you 4 lb of meat you … Continue reading

Hello – Welcome to My New Blog!

I am a mom living in upstate New York with a family of five, and five cats.
This blog is intended to help the frugal family. I am a thrifty housewife and spend a large amount of my time in an effort to spend less money while still enjoying the things we love the most. Here I will share any wisdom I come across.

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