June 2014 Real Food Monthly Meal Plan

Ideas and resources for menu planning in June, many seasonal spring and summer, and real food recipes. Very simple ingredients, from scratch. As always, these are all frugal recipes intended for a tight budget. Real food/from scratch/traditional diet/nutrient dense/whole food/blah blah blah. My monthly meal plans are organized into tiers based on how perishable the ingredients are, not sorted into particular days.

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Sweet French Toast Flexible Recipe for a Crowd, Plus Two Awesome Tips

French toast is one of our indulgences, it is inexpensive to make and very tasty. We love french toast. We plan to enjoy some for Easter brunch this year. This is a very sweet, almost dessert french toast. I have included two totally awesome tips to make the perfect french toast!

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Not-Margarine Spread Recipe – Using Real Butter, Olive Oil, and Coconut Oil

In our gradual change over to real food, one of the things we needed to eliminate was tub margarine to homemade spreadable butter. This saves money as well as avoiding chemicals and processing. It is not frugal to buy foods … Continue reading

Hot Cocoalate Mix Recipe

Hot cocoa is based on powdered cocoa, hot chocolate is based on shavings or morsels of chocolate. So I dubbed this cocoalate. This recipe is a compromise, with a delectable taste and a combination of pricey and cheap chocolates. It … Continue reading

Great Depression Era Real Food Recipes

I am a big supporter of eating “real” food. If your great-grandmother would have recognized the foods you put in your grocery cart, you are eating “real” traditional food. One of the things I have researched for my meal planning … Continue reading

Green Oat Pancakes for St Patricks Day

Here is a healthy breakfast alternative for your St. Patrick’s Day celebration. They are a little less fluffy pancake and a little more hearty goodness. These are based on Taste of Home’s Brown Sugar Oatmeal Pancakes. I made them a … Continue reading

Linda Loo’s Just Add Water Chocolate Mug Cake Mix Recipe

Welcome to my quest for a homemade chocolate mug cake mix recipe! I am obsessed with chocolate. There are times when I NEED chocolate. If there is chocolate cake in the house, I will eat it. All. It’s a problem. … Continue reading