A Crunchy Baby Registry: 34 Things You NEED (or should make) Before Baby Comes

A Crunchy Baby Registry: 34 things you NEED (or should make) before baby comes. An alternative baby supply list for frugal moms, hippies, poor people, and mothers of oopsies.

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Baby Songs Cheat Sheet Printables – Lyrics for Play Songs & Lullabies

When kid #3 was born it had been ten years. I admit my Sesame Street days were long past and my nursery rhymes were rusty.
I have created a cheat sheet for parents, a collection of songs to sing to babies.

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Care Package for the Hard Times Kitchen – Links & Resources

Recipes with Cost Per Serving Info and Other Links Recipes with Price Per Serving Info Please keep in mind that cost per serving changes with your area, the time of year, and as time passes from when the recipe was … Continue reading

Care Package for the Hard Times Kitchen – Calculating Price Per Serving

Here is a table listing some common ingredients and their prices per several different measurements. Your cost per serving will vary widely depending on many factors, but here are some numbers to start with. Ingredient prices per measurement Price Item … Continue reading

Cleaning Secret Weapons – Key Ingredients for Frugal House Cleaning

I have been cleaning houses for several years. I have worked in a pet boarding facility, and an assisted living facility. Between babies, pets, and old people, I’ve cleaned it all. What are my secret weapons for housecleaning?

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