A Crunchy Baby Registry: Clothing

A Crunchy Baby Registry - Clothing : 34 Things You NEED (or should make) Before Baby Comes from The More With Less Mom. Baby supply list for frugal moms, hippies, poor people, and mothers of oopsies.

A Crunchy Baby Registry – Clothing : things you NEED (or should make) before baby comes. An alternative baby supply list for frugal moms, hippies, poor people, and mothers of oopsies.

Baby detergent

If you are using a perfume and dye free detergent that *should* be gentle enough. Baby’s skin is brand new and will be more sensitive than yours, though. My family reacts to every detergent ever, except homemade powdered, or Arm & Hammer powdered. For some reason we can even use the scented one of Arm & Hammer, but only that brand in powder. I just make my own, it’s much cheaper. Ivory soap is $0.10/oz, bar castile soap is $0.70/oz If you are making your own you will need to decide if you are going for dirt cheap, or as pure as possible. Making powdered costs you about a quarter as much as a bottle of liquid detergent. Also, if you are using store bought detergent and your baby develops a rash somewhere other than her diaper area or face, or is cranky all the time like her clothes are scratchy, try a “free”er detergent, try using less, or try making your own.

(http://wellnessmama.com/462/how-to-make-nautral-homemade-laundry-detergent/ or http://www.onegoodthingbyjillee.com/2012/04/super-fast-and-easy-homemade-laundry-detergent.html)


Hatted baby

This is just to keep the baby warm, if you have a summer baby you are probably good with just the thin hat the hospital should give you.

(http://tiedyedivadesigns.blogspot.com/2011/02/free-baby-knot-hat-pattern-and-tutorial.html or http://whipup.net/2011/08/27/guest-post-newborn-baby-hat-tutorial/)



Those tiny little nails grow like lightning, and are as sharp as razors. You clip the kid’s nails and the next morning she’s going velociraptor on your boobie. Or better yet taking chunks out of her face right before you try to snap an adorable baby pic. The hospital may give you clippers/nail scissors, or you may get a set at the baby shower. But mittens are something you need until the kid konks out and you can get at her without hurting her, they protect her and you from scratching. It is pretty easy to make your own, and then you can make a bunch the same so you don’t have to stress about losing one and not having a pair. Or just give up on that whole matching thing.


Sleep sacks/gowns

Sleep sack

Really this is the only clothing item you need. You can get the zippered baby bag and know all the baby’s parts are warm. You can get one that snaps up if your baby hates having clothes pulled over her head. You can get the ones with elastic on the bottom so you can keep socks on or off depending on the temperature. Also my kids seemed to like pushing on the elastic with their feet, I think it’s a little like swaddling, they like having something to push on. You can add a hat or a sweater to keep them warm, so even the thin ones are good in colder weather to help moderate temperature. Your baby should have one more layer than you are wearing, and sometimes you need to be able to switch up their layers a lot. A versatile item like this is easiest. For the first month you will want something super simple. Also you want ones that fold over at the end of the sleeves, so you can pull those over when their nails start to get long.

(http://thismamamakesstuff.com/2008/08/tutorial-t-shirt-to-newborn-gown/ or http://www.littlepinkmonster.com/2010/11/16/diy-sleepsack-hurray-sleep/ or http://projectsbyjess.blogspot.ca/2011/02/tutorial-baby-sleep-sack.html)



You just need a bunch of socks, nothing fancy. I got socks at yard sales, but if you are buying socks buy a couple bags that are exactly the same. That way when one gets lost you aren’t out a pair. You will need newborn socks, how long they fit will depend on the size of the baby. I am a huge fan of the socks with little shoelaces on them that look like shoes, if you take the baby out it looks like you actually got the kid ready!

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We hope you enjoyed our crunchy baby registry. A baby supply list for frugal moms, hippies, poor people, and mothers of oopsies.
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Photo credits: Baby chewing on bassinette Melissa French (Me!) © creative commons license
Hatted baby: Huro Kitty
Baby with mittens: Sean Dreilinger
Sleepsack: Dr Sam
Socks: meaganmakes

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